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  1. Immigration

    [media=] [/media] Just thought i would pop this here.
  2. Pondlife

    I hate people like this.
  3. 5 Word Story (2)

    And Gordon Brown said to
  4. Joke

  5. Daily Maul

    If i remember correctly they made armed police sound like something out of hot fuzz (The Movie).
  6. Another Birthday.

    Happy birthday MG, Have a good one. ps I made you a birthday cake
  7. Disney Propaganda Videos

    You would've thought that they would show these videos in schools to show them what them time's were really like.
  8. Disney Propaganda Videos

    Thought i would make this topic to see if anyone's interested in seeing some WW2 Propaganda from Disney. !NOTE WATCH AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION! Income Tax Funded as well as authorized by a US Department of Treasury in 1943, this Disney featurette was to inspire each great American to do his “duty” Education for Death Interesting Video in what would of been shown in school in the U.S If you know of anymore Video's like this feel free to add them.
  9. What do you think of this video?

    lol, just passed my English test too. god knows how I passed that.
  10. If this was here, that officer would of been sacked or worse.
  11. Running Music

    I feel the need to add "push it to the limit"
  12. very pleased with myself

    Not rugby but ex boxer
  13. very pleased with myself

    I am 6ft but i was obese then, now i am just overweight my Doctor said at the end of this month i should be 16 stone as i do running everyday and eat right.
  14. very pleased with myself

    How did you find out
  15. very pleased with myself

    I was 19 stone in mid feb and now i am just below 17 stone, should not be long till i will be running the London marathon for COPS. Also i plan on getting to around 11 stone