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  1. officer arrested - Pleb Gate

    The officers had their chance. They should have summonsed him there and then. It was the perfect opportunity and they didn't take it.
  2. officer arrested - Pleb Gate

    I think his rationale is that it IS ABSOLUTELY F***ING HORRENDOUS!!!
  3. Jobs which pay £19000

    Too right our job is different!! To those of you trying to say that £19000 grand is enough because your pay will increase, job security, blah blah blah. You are selling yourselves(and the rest of us) short. If you are frontline(which you will be when you start), you are the lowest of the low to management/politicians, the most hated by the public, the most vulnerable and least protected(ie physically unprotected as the only unarmed Police in the world in the name of tradition and human rights, unprotected legally as you will always be the one to take the fall). If someone dies after contact with you be it as a the subject of a stop/search, prisoner, anything at all, you will be investigated to the nth degree and. If you die at work, the papers/politicians/seniors will honour you to their own end and people will say it's whats expected of you. Almost all the other public services will call you when the job becomes too dirty, too dangerous, too difficult and you will have to make the decisions they haven't got the presence of mind or fortitude to make. You'll be the one who has to roll the bodies, pick up the limbs, take the hits, risk your life, risk your liberty when you make a mistake, risk your driving licence when you get behind the wheel. You'll miss the nights out, your loved ones birthdays, xmas dinners and you'll lose friends. You'll be the one everyone expects to plunge their hands into the filth/blood/s**t so they can keep theirs clean and there'll not be a damn thing you can do about it when you don't like it. £19000 is a joke. Just like this job is to everyone else except us doing it.
  4. Police uniform.

    Well lets face it. If we're talking PPE for a job which involves increasingly more confrontation, I personally think patrolling London with no personal issue TASER or firearm is a failed risk assessment!!!
  5. Police uniform.

    Certainly can't disagree with anything you say ITYO, as the reasons you give are that of functoinality. However alot of officers I speak to just want to look like action heros. I just don't think it's impossible to do all those things and still look like a smart Policeman. I don't have two stone of kit but maybe my role is different to yours. I feel perfecty comfortable in shirt tie trousers boots and vest. To drive, to fight, to run after someone. Ideally to be comfortable, I'd be wearing my "loungies", a t-shirt, trainers and a hoody or better still my onezie!!But I wouldn't look too good or be well protected!! ideally to be safe, I'd wear full riot gear,a NATO and a ceramic plated vest but I wouldn't catch much in a race or be very comfortable walking around and driving around all day, everyday. . Ideally to be fast, I'd be in my spandex spiderman suit with some NIKE airs and although I'd look amazing I'd be not very well prepared!! To be nothing but smart, I'd wear my tunic, better still my tux!!! It's all about a balance and I think all of the above matters. But then again I would be nice and snug in my nice, fleecey onezie!!
  6. PCC's

    Totally agree with the above comments bilyboots. If I were the top brass in these forces I would freeze the PCCs out, make them feel like idiots. Just like were going to on team when we get a Guvnor who comes straight in at Inspector rank.
  7. Police uniform.

    Gotta be honest. Prefer white shirts, ties, cravats for the ladies. Dark navy trousers, big smart coats in the winter(like my Met heavyweight one), shiny, shiny boots/shoes.I only wish covert vests were allowed. Can't stand the combats, T-shirts, Hi vis vests, fleeces and all that s***. Can't imagine if I called the oldbill, someone turning up looking like the action man they wish they were. Same as vehicles, Met should keep jam butties not all battenberg nonsense. If they want us more visible and less accidents they should have kept 3 week response courses and white vehicles instead of grey/silver urban environment matching ones which resell better. If you look smart, people give you more respect, do as they're told. Yeah we have roll arounds and foot chases but you should be able to do all that, and still look smart. As in, look smart when you go and tell someone they're relative has died! Most colleagues disagree with me, think I'm some sort of Dinosaur. Probably like most of you lot would. heyho!
  8. Where else would this happen?

    It is incredible but not the slightest bit surprising. That's what makes THE JOB what it is. No matter what THEY try and do to it........ to us. No matter what Primeminister, Home sec, CC, Commissioner or other senior officer is in charge, it is the individuals who will always be there within the force who make it what it is. That is who we are, no matter what. If you do the work we do, see the things we see, face the challenges we face, go to the places we go, help the people we help, fight the fights that we fight, you are one of us. If you are one of us and do those things, you are Police and are part of the most loyal family there is. More than any Commendation, award, arrest, detection, statistic can, the loyalty shown makes me feel proud and privelaged to be a part of this family. The bravery/sacrifice shown by our fallen sisters humbles me. RIP Girls
  9. Chief Whip Mitchell

    Well I did take a deep breath first. And it ididn't work, What a delluded fool Hitchens is. He makes me laugh my head off whenever he's on question time but I normally reserve a certain amount of respect for the man. So it was only the armed services personnel who impressed the public with their charm and professionalism. The entire Police Force must have missed an entire summer with their families(again!) for absolutely nothing then!!! The countless members of the public who praised us for our contribution must be wrong too. Furthermore, how would Hitchens know that the Armed Forces are the last British Institution that's any good? What does he know about it? About being in the armed forces?Nothing! (yeah I know his daddy was a naval officer in Malta -means f**k all!) It's also apparently officious to maintain the the discipline to stick to your orders, despite being countlessly asked, "do you know who I am?" by self important corrupt MPs! Yes Peter, that's right. Orders, discipline!! Not the freedom to write what you want, about whom you want, with the expertise all journalists posess- none! Like most journos,a life of knowledge gained through reading, reading and reading some more, without ever actually doing anything. Just an over educated, under experienced, ambiguous, former left wing, former right wing, former atheist, former church of england, former this, former that but currently doesn't know what planet or era he's in. He knows nothing of the work of real men and never will.
  10. Chief Whip Mitchell

    Unbelievable. But now I think of it. SO believable. What a disgrace the Tories and most of the Political class in this country are. We should implement a positive action Policy for dealing with MPs. See how much s**t they can sweep under the carpet.
  11. J Terrry

  12. Chief Whip Mitchell

    True. I'm hampered by my pessimism. Just searched the petitions website for no confidence in Cameron but there isn't one. Incidentally, there is a no confidence in the UK Police petition. Number of signatures?- 10!!!. HAHAHAH!!! Well done to who ever started that one!! Maybe there is hope!!
  13. J Terrry

    He should have stayed as captain and put it behind him, maybe lead the team to some sort of success. Then he might have shown some balls and make up for his indiscretions!!! He's proven to be a quitter. Quitters never win and winners never quit. I suspect the mrs might have had some input into his decision.
  14. Chief Whip Mitchell

    I stand corrected!!! http://epetitions.di...petitions/39177 Hope it works I despair. Stop the badger cull petition has nearly twice as many votes as protect police pensions!!!!! BADGERS!!!!!!!!!
  15. Chief Whip Mitchell

    Must be hard for him. Let me think of the worst day I've ever had at work....mmmmmm..... Did I finish early like he did? I finished 19hours after I started, had to say goodbye to another uniformed shirt AND trousers!!Missed my stop on the bus because I fell asleep and oh and missed a night with friends for dinner(stupid to plan ahead I know). Did I have a slap up curry for refs? me that was it, I didn't eat anything,mainly because I didn't have the time but also because if I did, I probably wouldn't have kept it down. Now then.... was I rude to anyone that day as a result?, no definitely not. I had a stiff drink when I got home and put my feet up. But then that's just me, a pleb.