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  1. when to start the questions

    Yeah I know I might be a little late, but blackstones haven't been out that long . Have I really left it too late though? Lots of people I've spoken to are saying they are only just starting as well. Maybe I'll have to reconsider and wait another year
  2. when to start the questions

    hi all. thinking of doing the exam in march. was looking at buying blackstones and starting to read them now cover to cover, also was looking at signing up for the q&a online. but it seems they only offer a 12 month or 3 month subscription. am i better off waiting till december and then signing up? didnt want to sign up for 12 months of questions if i can help it. anybody got any advice? cheers
  3. reccomendations for study

    cheers bronty, i have got hold of tom barron crammer disc things and thought i would try listening to them. appreciate im starting way too early, but to be honest ive just moved from 4 years non operational back to front line policing so need all the help i can get ( im also thinking it cant hurt to brush up on my law anyway) will look at blackstones MCQ online nearer the time. although got to say i fine blackstones manuals so very very hard to read
  4. reccomendations for study

    ok now everyone should have the results....can i ask what study aids people would reccomend?. im thinking of starting early (like now) and doing little but often type study for next year. so what books/discs etc did people use and find helpfull? cheers
  5. fed satisfaction

    well one thing i do know, as a result of the way the fed have handled this dispute, i am now £200 + better off a year. cancelled my fed insurance...oops sorry mean subs
  6. fed satisfaction

    bronty, i understand what you say re the fed not being a union and agree often officers will expect it to act like a union when it clearly cant. however i think that raises a couple of points, if they are to be a staff association and there to represent us, shouldnt they be asking its members how we feel about key issues so that they can represent the majority? this latest 3 year pay deal agreement is a prime july the fed say no way to the deal and make a point of publicising how bad a deal they thought it was....then next thing we hear (and for most of us not from the fed but from the media) they have accepted the deal. another point which i appreciate may well be a wholly rhetorical question is, if the fed cant act as a union for us then perhaps we should be looking to have a union? it would appear that officers entitlements and working practices are constantly under attack and we have little recourse to fight these issues. perhaps the government need reminding we do not work for them? it may be in your position where you are able to sit and have a beer with Paul McKeever you are privy to alot more info than the rest of the feds members...maybe next time you have a chat you could ask him to involve his members a bit more? ( for my part i considered myself privledged to get an email from our fed rep first ever!)
  7. fed satisfaction

    erm ok i admit it...ive just read the comments after a glass or 2 of very nice i think i might have mucked this up a bit....ive done a poll but think i might have started a new thread. admin any chance you can bail me out and stick it on this thread?...pretty please?
  8. fed satisfaction

    not 100% sure how to do this poll thingy...and i have had a glass or 2 of wine :-) lets see if this works
  9. fed satisfaction

    ok i know this might be a very short post and may well end up deleted by the mods....but, im interested to see just how satisfied officers are with the fed. (appreciate lots of non police use the site and sorry if this excludes you) ive been a member of the fed for many years and have infact had need of there legal services, however apart from this im struggling to see why we pay the fed so much for what i see as a relativley poor service. this is what the fed say they do for its members... What The Federation Can Do For You The Federation negotiates on all aspects of pay, allowances, hours of duty, annual leave and pensions. It is consulted when police regulations are made on areas such as promotion, training and discipline. It takes an active interest in a wide range of subjects which affect the police service and puts forward views on your behalf. As a result, the Federation is more than a staff association. It is also a professional and consultative body, able to influence not only living standards through pay and benefits, but also the development of professional standards. We can also: Provide free legal advice, assistance and costs to members facing criminal proceedings Negotiate nationally on police pay, terms and conditions Provide welfare advice and help on personal issues Provide advice and representation at disciplinary hearings Provide advice and representation at industrial tribunals Help with civil claims and industrial claims injuries Consult, negotiate and facilitate the most up to date health and safety elements for the job Assist with grievance procedures Act as a consultative body on legislative and political matters Seek to influence the political agenda on policing Lobby government on changes likely to adversely affect policing Contribute to professional reviews on policing Offer advice to anyone suffering sexual, racial or other discriminatory harassment Host a number of events on policing matters from our Annual Conference to National Police Bravery Awards Speak for and on behalf of rank and file officers in the media and with opinion formers Represent our members views at a number of seminars, meetings and round table discussions with stakeholders now i admit lots of stuff there but really how much is accessed by members? and is it worth the subs?

    cant help but feel regardless of what the fed says they have done a complete u turn. they stated that a 3 year deal was not the best option to its members, they further stated that they felt anything below 3% was unfair. and then with no press release of their intentions...they tell us through great negotiating skills they have managed to get us the very deal they said was rubbish! all through last years pay fiasco we were constantly told, "dont worry the fed have something up there sleeve, ... not a toothless tiger etc" well im still waiting for them to prove it! as for the subs paying for legal rep, yes i agree 100" this is handy, but can i ask in all seriousness, what else do i get for paying this "insurance" and if thats all we get then how much per year are the fed getting in subs to pay this?

    to make matters worse just found this on unisons site so higher education workers can get a 5% rise and we should count ourselves lucky to get 2.65? maybe we need to have another march...against the fed!

    just sent an email to the fed asking them to explain. will also be asking my local rep.....after that i think the next contact i will have will be to withdraw my subscription.

    what really gets my goat is the fed new on july this year now am i reading it wrong or does it not say that the fed thought a pay deal of 2.65 2.6 and 2.55 was not going to be accepted? all the way through the news latter it says again and again how a 3 year pay deal was not good for police officers but was good for the mp' in 3 months they have managed to change there mind?!?!? what makes me laugh even more is the feds page where they have the great title of " federation SECURES 3 year pay deal" secures???? yeah they really had to fight for that one didnt they? so if the fed will no longer be fighting for out pay rise for the next 3 years...what are they doing for me?

    firstly if mods think this should be tagged onto the present topic re pay then feel free to close. (I have done so; best keep it all together, thanks- M) having just read that we have agreed to a 3 year pay deal , 2.65 then 2.6 then 2,55....can someone tell me when i voted for this? maybe i missed it but i dont recall ever getting any consultation. i do remember reading on the fed site that a 3 year deal was unlikely to be in our favour and the fed would not settle for anything less than what happened?M&MBM2008-10-15 16:40:51
  15. police regs question re O/T

    hi all, just wanted to keep you updated on this issue. ive been in touch with one of our senior fed rep type people and apparently i can claim a minimum of 4 hrs pay at bank holiday rate! he tells me its quite a common thing for the job to try not paying it but has advised me if they argue he will step in and remind them of there obligations under regs :-) ill let you know what the final result is. oh yeah and as a side note it would seem in our force there is no official start of work day...which i admit confuses me a littlenon pc pc2008-01-11 23:20:38