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    Why ask the question on a police forum? You should ask the DBS as they deal with DBS matters. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Tony99 If you look at my profile page you can contact me and I can assist with this very easily....
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    I don't think think this would apply in Greece. Why would they be ashamed that they have just been victims of a scam?? There's nothing to be ashamed of.
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    It shouldn't have any effect on your application. I know a fair few officers in my force who have full sleeves so a couple of smaller and none offensive tats should be accepted without a problem.
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    They are looking for the same qualities in both. The assessment days are slightly different because the assessment day for regulars is a national standard which every home office force must run, where as they tend to do their own thing for specials. But as I said before they want the same qualities in both, so if you can pass one you have a good chance of passing the other. I've done specials, police staff and regulars and they were all very similar, looking for the same skills and qualities.
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    For me i Would say the process of becoming a Special was a lot easier than becoming a regular officer (hence I am still trying to become one). However it all depends if you have the relevant experience and are able to answer the interview questions well enough to pass the interview. I believe people should have to be Specials before they become regular officers anyway, It teaches you more about what the role is about and it's not everything you see on Tv, and by been a special you can see if they role of a regular officer would be ideal for you.