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    I recall several years ago the then Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, refusing to backdate a police pay award to the beginning of September. For years we'd been used to a 3% increase. Some said we'd become complacent. And then along comes Jacqui Smith. The pay deal, for the first time during my service, was not agreed until late autumn. And she refused to backdate it. I have never been so angry. In fact I was incandescent - how could a sitting Government kick their police service in the teeth in this way? Wind the clock forwards several years and I now feel exactly the same. The news first broke a few days ago that, at long last, HMG were going to ease austerity, take the advice of pay review bodies, and start to lift the pay cap. What do we get? More of the same. Amid media reports of the pay cap being lifted for cops, we get another 1% increase, and a one off non-pensionable bonus. The latter has to come from existing police budgets. Let's be clear here. A bonus is not a pay rise, regardless of how it's dressed up, and yet we have Steve White from the PFEW saying it's a step in the right direction. Like Hell it is. It's another cynical kick in the teeth and the press, media and hence the public are falling for it hook, line and sinker. Three years and counting. Can't bloody wait.