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    Also, if all cops were to be armed, how would they deal with public order? Currently our firearms cops aren't supposed to get involved in public order incase they are overpowered and have their firearm taken from them.
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    Interesting points but all our firearms officers are double crewed, if they are called to a job then many cars attend, deal and then leave many hours later with District sorting out the prisoners & paperwork etc…………if we were all armed then there would be no one left to do the basic jobs, so it will never happen. In the last intake of firearms, 75% failed the course, a few years ago a Sgt & PC got send back to district after many years on a firearms team due to shooting not up to the required standard, so what would happen with these people if all officers were required to be armed? At this time the threat level has increased for all of us so management are putting out more double crewed taser officers and single crewing officers who are not taser trained…….Guess who are attending & dealing with the most jobs, correct non taser officers and we are sinking fast. If management gave us all guns then we would be sunk