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    I just got back last weekend from two weeks at home in Manchester. The area around the Arena is very familiar to me and i was round and about there a few times during my stay. I spent much of yesterday making sure my family and friends were safe; fortunately, they were. As Zulu' said, Manchester is a strong city; it is also a very diverse city and i am always heartened when I hear a broad Manc' accent spoken by someone who looks Asian, Chinese, African or from some other part of the globe - somehow, it seems to show the city we are - very international with historic ties to many places and a deep history of social justice and innovation - Emmeline Pankhust (a great x 4 relation) - a great emancipator, Tom Kilburn, Tommy Flowers and Alan Turing - the three leading lights in the development of the world's first computers; Messrs Rolls and Royce, A V Roe and many engineers who led the world; not forgetting our sport - Man United and Man City (not forgetting our most heroic foreign player - Bert Trautmann, a German former PoW who played the last 20 minutes of the 1956 Cup Final with a broken neck). That's the city we Mancs are proud to call home. To the families and friends of those killed or injured no words will ever put right their loss and hurt. How unfair that they should suffer because of the warped ideology of a few. For a family to be injured and also lose their Mum, an off-duty Police Officer, and for two Polish sisters to lose their parents seems incomprehensible. May they all Rest In Peace and families eventually be able to remember only the good times with their loved ones. GMP seem to be on top of the situation - arrests have also been made in Libya (the suicide bomber's brother and father). perhaps this atrocity could have been prevented if adequate resources were available - we will probably never know. What was obvious to me was that however slim the resources, on the night as people fled from the scene, men and women from GMP were running towards the unknown to provide whatever aid they could and uphold their oath of office.For that we can be very thankful and for the ambulance and fire crews and the NHS teams who are still working on some of the worst injuries. Manchester aand UK are at their best when backs are against the wall.
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    It is a rare opportunity indeed these days. MY first was not a great hit but it started me smoking again, after being stopped for 12 months. Visually I had no problem, as I was told, "Do not think of it as a body, but a piece of meat in a butchers shop. It is a corpse, no feelings but a dead body". I was ok with that as I got the visual impact correct in my mind. However the smell was something that I got completely wrong although, at subsequent P.M.'s it did not affect me because I then knew what to expect. If you want a tip to help with that, get a small jar of "Vick" and smear a very small amount on your nostrils it masks the smell, and that advice was given to me by a pathologist. If you watch and listen you should find it extremely interesting, if he is giving a commentary on what he is doing; showing the sights of a Cardio infarction (Heart attack), or of Cranial haemorrhage (Stroke). If he corpse is of a smoker he/she will show you the condition of the lungs. Non Smoker pink and healthy whereas a smoker will look black and resemble more of a large piece of Coke from a fire. Also prepare yourself for when they use a saw to open the skull, it can be like a dentist drill going through you. There will be many who will leave the room, or even pass out, it is nothing unusual. Hope this does not put you off too much but, hopefully it may prepare you better. Edit, Forgot to mention, the body was once a person so treat the whole process with respect.
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    Well, according to what I have seen on the news reports, austerity, and from that I assume the drastic cuts in all quarters, is now going to come to an end. We will see if that does indeed to turn out to be the case (let's hope so).
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    Theres been a recent push in my force to single crew officers, even taser officers. I wouldn't want to be single crewed with a firearm attending routine incidents. It only takes a second to be overpowered and then you have someone pointing your own firearm at you. No thanks.
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    Our cuts came under Labour, before May, but, to be fair, they have continued under her since. I don't know the figures but the NPA has increased. Labour have never been the friend of the Police Service, and the Conservatives always were pre Winsor. Since then I have noticed that they both have no concern for the Police except trying to gain Political control by PCC's
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    Totally agree, and if things continue to deteriorate I would hope that HMG give some consideration to internment where appropriate.
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    It depresses me to say so but, the Government must withdraw the EHRA so that they can deport anyone partaking in terrorism, in any way.
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    One of the problems with manifestos and policies is that people only think very superficially and never think about the bigger picture. Whilst you might not have heating allowance, other policies that they intend to introduce may well have the effect of making you better off. It seems to be a common misconception with Police officers that the Tories hate the Police and as Labour have said they will recruit another 10,000 Police officers (at varying costs!!) so therefore we will be far better off under Labour. They conveniently seem to forget the fact that to pay for all these extra things Labour are promising, it's going to cost an astonishing extra £75 billion, which quite simply means far heavier taxation. As for what OC mentioned above, I thoroughly agree with. My father is extremely rich, however he gets winter fuel allowance. Why?
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    I'm not quite sure what the issue is here, this being something the PFEW raised several years ago. Providing officers understand the road traffic act and drive according to their training, level of authority, prevailing road/traffic conditions and, most importantly, don't allow the red mist to descend, why is this a problem? The job will only hang you out to dry, quite rightly, if you disregard everything a good driving school instructor has taught.
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    At least she is not promising the unaffordable like a certain Jeremy Corbyn.
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    We must not turn this tragedy into a Political points scoring event. It is a tragedy that should not have happened but we must wait for the evidence to come forward. Emotions are running high but are, wrongly, being fuelled by political motivators. The Emergency services have done a fantastic job and it should be remembered by all that searching the building, finding and retrieving the bodies is a huge task and cannot be unduly hurried. It will be a harrowing time and because of the event, it may be that some of the bodies are not identified, as was the case in the 9/11 in New York. The Forensic experts will do their job but it is a slow meticulous process. The families need support and sympathy, and not to be used.
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    Where do you think the money to pay for the end of so-called austerity is going to come from? This country already has large deficit and if we continue spending at our current levels this can only get worse and lead to even more tremendous economic problems in the future. All political parties wish to remain in power so they bribe the electorate with cash and other benefits to elect them and when it becomes apparent reductions in public expenditure are required they are either afraid of losing power and surrender to those who care nothing for the Country's economic future or they bite the bullet, do the correct thing and suffer the opprobrium of the public at large. I actually allow myself a wry smile when I hear talk of austerity. I am old enough to remember the 1950s quite well and austerity really did exist then. Most of the people who think we are living in a time of austerity don't really know what they are talking about.
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    I remember being guided to the door of a house by a local cop whilst executing a warrant, I forced the door through and a full team ran into the house. I ran into the living room and it was clearly an old persons house, and not the address we wanted. An old woman was sat in the living room having her hair cut by a neighbour. We all ran inside, said sorry, and ran straight back out again. The local cop looked again at the warrant, and we ran next door and entered the correct house. Our Sgt remained in the wrong house to sort the mess out, appologise, and the old woman got a new front door paid for. Fun times. And that was just one of many
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    So true as regards Sturgeon and Salmond and I was also pleased to see Angus Robertson, the odious and unctuous leader of the SNP group at Westminster, losing his seat along with various others in the SNP gang. I agree about Corbyn and his bribery offer to sudents in England and Wales. I read that the annual cost of this would be £12billion and wonder that many young people are so gullible that they would believe Corbyn or accept that such expenditure is sustainable. Again we have talk of profligate spending emanting from the mouths of scocialist politicians who labour (no pun intended) under the misapprehension that money grows on trees. Sadly, it falls easliy on the ears of those who believe what they want to hear. It is the same with all those other issues such as care for the elderly, and the universal payment of Winter Fuel Allowance etc. They are all unsustainable in the long term but few politicians have the courage to tackle them head-on or even make reference to them. Theresa May did so in her manifesto and that honesty was part of the reason for the situation she finds herself in today. Perhaps the lesson is that, if you possess even a modicum of integrity or realism, don't enter politics.
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    I s[pent all my police service in areas where the Labour Party were politically dominant and with very few exceptions can state that they, and other on the Left, were rarely great fans of the police. I don't think things would change when a current Labour win would have resulted in some if its leadership being people who once wished for the abolition of Special Branch and the disarming of the Police.
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    I remember those days well and it was only because I was unmarried that I was not in the same situation as your father. Things only changed because of Edmund-Davies which came about largely because of a difficulty to recruit and the further problem of retained those who did join. Of my intake of 20 only 2 of us completed 10 years service and only 2 of us completed the 30 years necessary to qualify for a pension. We owe much to those who voted with their feet and resigned. Most had gone within the first 5/6 years, as predicted by the Sgt who took us through our first week at training school.
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    Labour may not be a lost cause but I could never bring myself to vote for a party whose leader has been so connected to anti-British terrorist organisations such as PIRA and Hamas. Furthermore, I am old enough to remember previous Labour governments and their profligate spending which caused us great economic harm. Corbyn seems exactly in the same mould. I hope I shall never see another Labour government in this country.
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    Not quite, they offered Voluntary Redundancy, but I have no knowledge of them lifting the pension cap. They paid 1 x months salary for each year of service, tax free. They state they are introducing a second and third phase of VR soon. Im hoping they might eventually offer an enhanced VR.
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    Personally, I don't see how nearly all countries arm their police on a daily basis and we don't... There are countries with gun laws similar to ours who still arm their officers every single day. This thing about "Great British Policing" needs to stop, pride and appearance shouldn't be a reason for not arming the police, it should be based on a factual risk assessment of the current climate, which I believe makes arming all officers a more realistic idea. I think, train all officers to "AFO" level or similar and keep our SFO and CTSFO for the more complex jobs.
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    LMAO! Senior colleagues?! You've no idea how old I am. The IRA planted bombs but often gave warnings and didn't run over pedestrians, then go on a knifing rampage with fake suicide belts attached to them. Yes there were armed criminals but the weapons were rarely used against police as they knew the likely sentence if caught. Though I was more referring the DV incidents involving knives (or weapons incidents in general) which shows your lack of recent policing experience. Every generation thinks the next is worse than there own yet fail to acknowledge the or own failings. I have spoken to retired cops and heard the stories of 'welcome commities' in custody, drink driving being the norm, statements rewritten to get convictions and all sorts of life on mars shenanigans. So I'll take your comments with a pinch of salt. Now, if you think an unarmed BTP taking on 3 terrrorist is how we, the public, should be protected then I'm glad you're no longer in policing.
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    Yeah yeah. Police were different, better,..... 10,20,30....... years ago. Old cops are just as 2 faced as ex-smokers. New cops don't have a worse attitude it's old cops one that have changed. The threat is greater, not just from day to day but from terrorism and if you can't see that them your clearly no longer on or near the frontline, this doesn't make them gung ho it makes the realists. What we should do is at least give officers the option to be armed.
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    I would find the headlong rush to praise the police and to demand more resources amusing if it wasn't for the tragic circumstances which brought about the calls. Even the DM questioned the cuts in one article although normal service was quickly resumed with articles criticising the police for taking too long to ID the victims and because we hadn't kept track on the suspects. I never heard Labour jumping to our defence prior to the election but May's comments reminding voters that Labour called for 10% cuts to the police in 2015 when the Tories were discussing 20-40% cuts to our budget were extremely hypercritical and self serving. We were only saved from 20% plus cuts because of the Paris attacks which would have been on top of 20% cuts already imposed by the Tories.
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    A very valid question to which I would be interested to know the answer. What do they do in countries where the police are routinely armed when they have to deal with public order situations? Years ago I spoke to an armed RUC officer who said he had never encountered any problem with this issue and stated he had recently dealt with a large scale disturbance at a dance hall where he ended up struggling on the ground with a prisoner. He told me he knew of only one instance where a police officer had been cornered and forcibly deprived of his firearm. I also knew a retired Royal Hong Police officer who told me of several instances where criminals had `mugged' patrolling constables with the intention of robbing them of their routinely armed firearm. It is a difficult issue and I can think of many public order incidents where I was attacked by a hostile crowd while making arrests and could have had a firearm taken from me. However, whatever the situation I think much of the solution is down to individual officers who volunteer to carry firearms. Are they really made fully aware of the highly possible consequences which face them if things go wrong? Are they willing to accept these consequences and the long term effect they may have on them and their families?.
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    Yeap, Had a discussion the other day where I suggested that due to the increased risk to officers then all taser officers should be single crewed and all non taser officers should be double crewed and someone said, what happens if the single crewed taser officer is overpowered, they need to be double crewed incase that happens…..I laughed………I think management need to rethink their deployment plans.
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    Also, if all cops were to be armed, how would they deal with public order? Currently our firearms cops aren't supposed to get involved in public order incase they are overpowered and have their firearm taken from them.
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    Interesting points but all our firearms officers are double crewed, if they are called to a job then many cars attend, deal and then leave many hours later with District sorting out the prisoners & paperwork etc…………if we were all armed then there would be no one left to do the basic jobs, so it will never happen. In the last intake of firearms, 75% failed the course, a few years ago a Sgt & PC got send back to district after many years on a firearms team due to shooting not up to the required standard, so what would happen with these people if all officers were required to be armed? At this time the threat level has increased for all of us so management are putting out more double crewed taser officers and single crewing officers who are not taser trained…….Guess who are attending & dealing with the most jobs, correct non taser officers and we are sinking fast. If management gave us all guns then we would be sunk
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    They are also lying. What they are now saying is completely at variance with what they have said in the past and I am of the opinion that are only saying things like hiring extra police etc. in the hope of hoodwinking the electorate. Sadly, some are gullible enough to fall for such perfidy.
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    Cuts started under Jack Straw wit the PCSO's who were, originally, for the early years financed by the local authorities. Once they stopped that they came under the police budgets, with no extra funding for them. The rest is history with offices being replaced by cheaper PCSO's, less powers and the public do not realise. Have no idea which your Force is but the manning levels are very similar, even within the large City forces. It is a travesty that the local motorway in your area is policed by AFO teams rather than dedicated traffic officers. We always used to joke on the Motorway that as a qualification you needed to be able to run a sub 10 second 100 metres dressed in all your kit. Yet when ever our SMT's are asked about Police numbers they come out with the old tired phrase, "We have adequate numbers to Police any eventuality" Recent events in Manchester showed that up as a true farce. Officers on mutual aid from all over the Country, AFO's from North Wales West Midlands, Lancashire, Yorkshire, etc, etc.
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    Blame Mrs May for cutting the budgets. We are where we are due to her policies……….. failure.
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    From what I can see and hear from serving officers there is much truth in what you say. However, for many years we encouraged the public to telephone us, no matter how trivial the matter, and this message eventually got through and contributes to the amount of heavy calls experienced today. I remember a woman phoning in because she found her budgie dead in its cage and being assured that this was OK when she apologised for taking up police time. Also, when I joined and walked the beat we did not have personal radios and relied on police boxes with flashing lights to keep in contact with the station. By the time we saw the light flashing and phoned in to see what we were wanted for and made our way to the street fight, or whatever. the incident was often over. After we became more mobile we attended incidents more quickly and the public came to expect a speedier response. I think all these things contribute to the situation where it is frequently operationally impossible to deploy regular foot patrols.
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    I would love to walk & cycle all day but bosses say no, as I won't be able to get to the jobs on the computer………….not a bad thing! The days of walking are long gone, unless an officer is based in a town centre, other than that a vehicle is required to attend jobs. At this present time we have 30 - 40 jobs on the computer and the other night we stacked 5 immediates due to no resources, so how can bosses allow officers to walk when there are a list of jobs waiting to be attended………it is just not possible. The public dictate what we do with the amount of calls they make…………less calls, more walking, more cycling & more proactive work to reduce crime.
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    It is very easy to promise the earth when you will never be in a position to introduce it. Everything has to be paid for and the hard left have no possibility to fund it. Corbyn, McDonald and Abbott seem to be devoid of even the basics of finance.
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    We are told to celebrate diversity and multi-culturalism and these issues do, indeed, have positive aspects, but there is also a downside. When a country has a significant number of individuals within its boundaries who were born abroad (or whose immediate ancestors come into that category) and have a different culture, religion, and ideology there is always a potential risk that these individuals will have split loyalties, or no loyalties whatsoever, to the host country. This is particularly the case if these individuals harbour some type of grudge (real or imagined) against the host country. I think it apparent that we have such a situation in the UK now and although the vast majority of immigrants and persons whose ethnicity is not British will probably not fall into this category I believe there are certain segments who do and pose a continuing threat if actions similar to those outlined by OAH are not brought into being. I believe we are destined to have years of continued terrorist acts in the UK but we could perhaps reduce the number of these incidents if we took decisive action now. If the sheer numbers of persons of interest to our Security Services in respect of suspect terrorist activity, of whatever type, are to be believed then we have a situation that our current methods of monitoring and policing cannot realistically deal with.
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    Because he has the right to expect a Duty of Care. Sometimes officers have dedicated themselves so much that they know very little else and by age are not in the Labour market. I am surprise that you have intimated if you don't like it leave. It is different for Officers in regular day jobs. On the front line it is hugely different. Larryd, you are welcome, stay safe.