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    Its a sad indictment of society that NHS staff and paramedics can't be expected to get through their shifts without being assaulted.
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    Likewise O.C. As far as I am concerned there should be a zero tolerance regarding any form of violence in our hospitals. Like you I visited and encouraged visits by my officers. Nothing like a cuppa and personally knowing the staff.
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    These individuals represent everything this country does not need and I do not trust either of them. Quite apart from the economy I remind myself of how they both supported the IRA and continue to refuse to condemn terrorism.
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    VS and VR, what on earth is happening to the police forces up and down the land. I can understand that those still serving see it as a route to 'kerching' but what ever happened to what I always experienced as a good job/vocation.
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    Thanx Chief, I did miss the chance of having a good old moan about something, and making some good points too
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    It must be good news week. This morning I awoke to, the great news that Ian Brady is dead. My father worked on the original enquiries and was amazed at some of the rubbish written about Brady and Hindley. As far as he was concerned they were the most evil people he ever met. Neither showed any remorse for their actions. May they both now rot in Hell.
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    To a great extent I think you are correct but at the end of the day it has to be said that UKIP has been a success story in that they were at the forefront of propelling the UK towards taking the necessary action leading to us leaving the EU. I voted for UKIP and if the same circumstances prevailed i would do so again. It served its purpose and I am grateful for those who created it and worked for its principal end purpose. I shall not do as I have always done and vote for whichever political party I feel is most likely to be best for the UK and at the moment I have no doubt that party is the Conservative Party. I think UKIP will only reassert itself if the electorate feel HMG is beginning to drag its feet over our exit from the EU but suspect and hope that is unlikely to happen.
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    Is it something you should deal with, is it something you could deal with? Personally if someone offered me drugs but I didn't see them I would submit Intel when next on duty. If someone showed me a load of drugs the I would phone it in and try to get on duty officers there to deal (no pun intended). Step in and try to capture dealer may result in a couple of his minders bundling you into the toilet as he makes his escape and you are left feeling silly and bruised. My intervention while off duty went back to line one of the responsibilities - the protection of life and (sometimes) property. Sent from me using Witchcraft
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    Its certainly not a vocation any more. Theres no sense of belonging to a group or family, or of being part of an organisation that wants you. As for the government, theres a real feeling of them hating us. Its very sad, the job has been ground down to its basic parts, by that I mean I now go to work and look forward to going home. It didn't used to be that way but its now just a job like any other, with no feeling of being proud or wanting to go the extra mile. Theres an occasional taste now and again of how it used to be, but those times are few and far between. Ive gone from being in a job I loved, to wanting to leave at the earliest pension point. VR doesn't work for me just yet, and I'm too close to the early 25yr pension for it to be worthwhile.
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    I live in Scotland and because of that I will not have to experience the issues you list but even if I had to I would still cast my vote for the Conservatives at the forthcoming General Election. We pensioners have been rather fortunate these past few years and I understand the State Pension has increased by something like 25% in recent times. Due to an increasingly aging population, the generous triple lock on State Pensions is fast becoming unsustainable but even when it is withdrawn there will still exist a double lock to provide a fair measure of protection against inflation etc. So far as Winter Fuel Allowance is concerned, do you really think that someone like me whose various pensions and investments net him in excess of £40,000 p.a. should require assistance from public funds to pay their fuel bills? How can this be justified? I would like to see Winter Fuel Allowance confined to those who are found to be in genuine fuel poverty. I know several pensioners who drink, smoke, run expensive cars, gamble and go on frequent cruises and foreign holidays and still receive Winter Fuel Allowance. Some of them are not even in the UK for much of the cold weather. And what about those UK pensioners who live permanently abroad in warm countries? Why should any of them receive this Allowance? Some of them say, ``But we paid into it all our working lives.'' Fair comment, but surely you should only receive a benefit if you are in a situation that benefit was introduced to alleviate. We don't receive unemployment benefit unless we are unemployed and we don't receive child benefit unless we have children. So surely it follows that we should not receive disbursements from public funds unless we are truly unable to pay our fuel bills. I think Mrs May is a realist and is not sticking her head in the sand when it comes to looking at the financial problems an aging population will surely bring about. We could do with more like her.
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    The alternative is like Turkey's voting for Christmas day to be brought forward to June. I would not trust Corbyn or McDonald with anything, least of all the economy.
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    Why are you surprised? People only have one shot on this planet. If you don't like something then why do it any more, why not do something else that you do like? I don't see the relevance of him being in a day job. He/she hasn't mentioned shift work, merely policy changing and resources. If it's causing him stress/illness then go sick if he doesn't feel that he can come into work. But ultimately the job isn't going to improve in that respect, hence why I mentioned getting another job. If he can't deal with then for the good of his health he is going to have to consider it.
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    Welcome back @Westie
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    Zulu, you are not the only person who thinks that way, my thoughts are, why on earth do the press and media feel the need to publish everything about him. They should, in my opinion, simply announce his death, end of. He deserves NOTHING else
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    ALWAYS submit injury on duty forms prior to finishing duty. Hardly anyone does, but in my opinion they are the most important forms that you will ever submit.
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    No doubt they will go when they think they should and not before. I think that when the the Labour Party was created many years ago there was a need for it but in recent times it has been more of a burden to the progress and well being of the UK. However, thousands of people still believe in it and it has as much right to continue as any other party.
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    You are too kind Zulu. They are making a mess of everything. They more or less admit this but Sturgeon has said that `Independence' transcends all other factors.
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    Probably not, although I would expect that their numbers would decrease. Their core support contains a significant number of fanatics who whose sole desire is to see the break-up of the UK no matter what that entails and how detrimental that would be for Scots or any of the other peoples who inhabit these Islands. In recent years the SNP has seen its numbers swell due to a large number of Labour Party supporters who finally realised that Labour was not going to create the Socialist Utopia they once promised. You know the one I mean, it's the place where no one can order you about, everything is free, you don't need to work for a laving and all members of the `boss class' have been eradicated. Eventually, these class warriors will realise that the SNP are unable to provide such a Utopia and this will cause a dilema for them with regard to who they should vote for. God knows what they will do then.,
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    They should remain to see the people's will is fulfilled. They are not finished until we are out of the EU and it's unelected Commissioners.
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    Except that the SNP are making a right mess of the NHS and Education in Scotland.
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    Scotland has a population of 4 million and returned 57 M.P.'s. UKIP had 4million votes cast for them in them general election and got one seat, democracy for you, but it showed the support that the UKIP policies had. That brought the other parties to their senses in the feelings of the electorate and made them take notice and action..
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    Hi Alessia In short, Superintendent is three ranks above Sergeant. Superintendents are more likely to be dealing with the strategy and budgets etc, along with signing off (authorising) certain processes and Sergeants will be a lot more on the operational side, close to front line policing and being the immediate supervisor/manager to police constables. I'm sure someone else will come along and give a better version of the above, plus in the mean time, I think these two pages give a good idea of the ranks and responsibilities, although the first one is written to focus on mental health issues. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/mentalhealthcop.wordpress.com/2012/03/26/police-rank-and-roles-explained/amp/ https://www.how2become.com/blog/police-service-ranks/
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    Zulu, Every year first aid is part of self defence package. As for this I agree with John Apter, papering over the cracks. Sent from my PLK-L01 using Tapatalk
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    This is a half decent article about the increase in knife crime https://www.theguardian.com/membership/commentisfree/2017/may/01/knife-crime-crisis-national-solutions-london which points out there are differences between the pattern in London as opposed to the rest of the country.
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    The first round of VS applicants have now left my force. Rumours are that the second round will be following soon. Im hoping they don't get enough applicants and they then enhance round 3. Certain officers had their applications rejected due to being in a department where the force doesn't want to loose staff, such as CID, TSG, Firearms etc. Seems the best place to be if you want VS is on the beat. Any cop still under a disciplinary was also rejected, though some appealed and won.
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    Over 1,300 police officers are suing the PSNI chief constable George Hamilton for holiday pay. http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/1300-police-officers-to-sue-psni-chief-hamilton-for-holiday-pay-35622714.html
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    The punishment seems very harsh in my opinion ......