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  2. Completing Application

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  3. Completing Application

    I recently completed an application form for a Police Staff vacancy. Part of the application asks candidates to highlight their experience that would demonstrate their suitability for the post. Pretty standard in itself. But in the box where applicants would write about their relevant experience, it says "Achievements." This is fine, assuming of course that during that employment, you did something specific; gained a qualification, acquired a new skill, got a promotion, etc. But is this the sort of achievement they want to know about, or are they looking for something else?
  4. Protecting a crime scene

    I would have used Obstructing a Police Officer in the execution of his duty.
  5. Protecting a crime scene

    I was scene guard at an incident recently on a Saturday night. A member of the public decided to deliberately duck under and cross our tape barrier as a lark with his mates. Afterwards, I’ve been trying to think of the best legislation I could have used, had I chosen to arrest rather than just have strong words of advice. Section 19 PACE and then Section 117 gives me power to enforce the cordon, which I used. I could have used Section 5 POA but in this case, I don’t think it would have been appropriate as there was nothing obusive or offensive. It might for other situations. D&D might also be used on other occasions in a similar vein. Possibly Perverting the course of Justice by deliberately contaminating a crime scene. or Obstructing a police office in the execution of his duties. any thoughts or examples other officers have made use of?
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  7. Zara Farebrother

    Done - but you should proof read your questions and correct them as appropriate. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Hello, I am a student at Halesowen College and currently completing my diploma in social science. I'm conducting a short questionnaire on 'what's the general public's perception on why criminals re-offend'? I would be grateful if you could fill out the online version. Please follow the link below to start the questionnaire, thank you.
  9. Policing the Paranormal

    Great thanks.
  10. Policing the Paranormal

    I am in touch with him and will make him aware of this thread .Its up to him from there if he wants to speak of it to you.He is a proper common sense bloke who is convinced he saw a ufo that night.
  11. Policing the Paranormal

    I would love to speak to him if that was possible. If you are still in touch with him let me know and I will DM my contact details. Much appreciated.
  12. Blank firing

    Really quite a controversial question but here it goes, IF someone was to build a firearm with a barrel that is blocked and was chambered only to fit blank ammunition (.22 or 8mm) and paint said project a bright color (neon) would this be illegal?
  13. Policing the Paranormal

    Only story I have is a friend a PC finished duty at 02.00 hrs and on the way home 'saw' a ufo over the village pub.He rang the nick to call it in, I dont know what we would have done.Anyway he remains convinced to this day its what he saw.A few years later I started jesting with him about it and he wasnt happy.He would pass a lie detector that he saw a OFO over the Griffin Pub that night! He is no bullshooter either!.
  14. Ill health Pension 24 years Service

    Hi retired and happy, could you please send me contact details as I am a new member and unable to direct message you. Thanks.
  15. Bad Neighbours

    Unfortunately not. Not within the law. Sounds like she's a tenant so her landlord is liable and you must continue to report all of her anti social behaviour to them. Also report all criminality to the police. All noise problems to the council. It gets wearing but bad people don't get chucked out of their houses because of one or two (or) 20 incidents. From the councils view they will always have this problem, they can just move it around but these people are a problem wherever they go. Get your neighbours on board and those who shout loudest and longest get action. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Policing the Paranormal

    Called many things but not that ;-)
  17. Bad Neighbours

    We are happy for this topic to continue providing you read and understand the below. LEGAL DISCLAIMER Our standard disclaimer: This forum is not intended as a legal advice drop-in centre. The forum disclaims any and all responsibility or liability for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality, reliability, operability or availability of information or material on this site, including - but not limited to - any documents available for download. Please note that comments and advice given here with the best of intentions by the host, moderators or other users of the forum may not be correct, and that any advice given, in particular advice on the law and its application, is no substitute for personal legal advice from a solicitor.
  18. Policing the Paranormal

    Dont suppose you had a nickname of Magnum during your service ?? Sent from my PLK-L01 using Tapatalk
  19. Bad Neighbours

    What else can I do? Please help/advise I live in a terraced house with my wife and two children aged 7 and 11. We have lived were we do for some time but recently (months) had a new neighbour move in who from day one has been an utter nightmare. She is mostly nocturnal, and is awake most nights right through playing loud extremely basey music. The music is irritating not only us but the other side of her and neighbours over the road who have even commented and said they don't know how we put up with it. Not only is there music but there seems to be many people coming to the house partying and, by the smell, smoking weed.....a lot. They turn music up when her other neighbour bangs on the wall and shout obscenities back to her and start shouting wooh as they continue to play it. We have rang the police a few times, once.they came, knocked, they turned it down, they went, they turned it back up. Another time they pulled up some time after the call and drove off doing nothing. The last time they didn't even seem to arrive at all. There has been many things happen around the noise issue which includes her mate moving in, she has men coming for loud sex every half hour on n off on random days, bmw's, sporty cars, mercs they turn up in, music on and loud sex ensues. Have to move my 7 year old who's woken by it up to his sisters room (3rd floor) to avoid that situation. She stole our bin n left our number on it, we eventually stole it back and she took another neighbours. Her dog has bitten one of her friends, an ambulance came. Dog craps all over yard and its not picked up. She once left the dog for 3 days with no visits to go on a trip. People turn up for including taxi drivers who take em out and back in like 10 mins who are passed bags with pills/powder in. One lad sat on our front with no top on, window down put a powder on the back of his hand and snorted the substance in front of my son as we came in. She danced on street too with windows open and music blasting out from the house. Her sound system is up and downstairs. She often plays both at once with differing clashing music. She is from middlesbrough were she has been in trouble with police before as was in paper and on website. Her other neighbour advised shes a well known lap dancer and escort. Also on her facebook she has a daughter who's been taken off her (not surprised). We have heard her shout at and whacking the dog in anger. She has a mate who gets really bad and growl etc when they been taking drugs, she is often a mess. They also had windows put through twice by people knocking at their door, they were in but didnt answer, these lads were miffed as hell. Police broke door down who she was aggressive with. Wasnt a raid as we thought, they had reason to believe she was going to kill herself which I doubt given she told people. Council have written a letter to which she ignored. We are currently completing a noise diary for them but hear from many its a long pointless task cos nothing gets done. I wish I could move away, hate my own home now, we are home owners in negative equity so cant. Work are starting to notice I'm tired which isn't great. My wife's upset, my kids don't care bar the lack of sleep for school. IS THEE ANYTHING ELSE WE CAN DO?
  20. My name is Andy Gilbert and I am a retired police officer. I write and publish books with all my royalties going to various charities. My last book was a collection of police related paranormal stories and I am starting to work on another one on the same subject. I am looking for first-hand accounts and would like to hear from anyone who can help. It is a sensitive subject so discretion is assured. Cheers, Andy.
  21. International Police Association

    Sounds interesting, is it IPA? I think you have to pay for being a member, maybe not initially but every year/month? Correct me if I'm wrong
  22. Colour vision and firearms/traffic

    Showboat I am interested in knowing more about this. Can you PM me?
  23. SEARCH results

    Thank you, Running man. I have seen the other post regarding a possible delay. I've emailed HR today but no reply as of yet. I'm hoping they are released tomorrow as I'm becoming impatient haha! Fingers crossed.
  24. SEARCH results

    The results are expected tomorrow no i believe. Another forum mentions an email going round Northumbria police informing the interviewers that they are delaying them until the AC results are in. Good luck,
  25. dog collides with car

    Yes. It's a civil claim against the dog owner. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. Half Yellow box rules

    These quite common road features are not covered/ mentioned in the Highway Code, which is a poor show as I often see drivers not obeying full box rules suggesting the subject isn’t dealt with well. My question is can you lawfully stop inside a half yellow box to turn right but prevented from doing so by on coming traffic (in this case from your left and the road is clear to the right)? The case have in mind is a T junction with the box at the end of the minor road stretching out half way into the major road. It is aimed at improving flow without traffic lights so that main road traffic doesn’t block access to and from the minor road when Busy…ie traffic should not enter unless the exit is clear. As far as I can find, The traffic signs gen directions 2002, now 2016, Section 7.2 (2002) treat half yellow boxes and full yellow boxes the same by virtue of diagrams 1043/44 (now amalgamated as 1043 in 2016 regs!) So, if joining the main road from the minor, can I sit in the box, if, the exit road (to my right is clear), but I am prevented by approaching traffic from the left, thus causing me to block main road traffic from my right. Technically, I think I should be allowed to do so, but practically it might be risky to sit in the box as drivers from the right on the main road may not give you right of way. Comments welcome
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