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  2. Any New Direct Entry Detective Trainees on here

    I’m sorry to say this, Susan, but in the event you finally get in as a direct entry detective, and any of your new colleagues, uniform or otherwise, find out that you turned down an opportunity to take a more traditional route, you are likely to find yourself getting some stick. The police service have become obsessed with direct entry into certain roles, and as a time served DS I can tell you there is no substitute for a varied grounding in uniform duties before taking the plunge and becoming PIP2 qualified. It also disappoints me that Forces even contemplate offering a direct entry route into detective posts, given that many really good uniformed colleagues, who are chomping at the bit to become detectives, are never afforded the opportunity.
  3. Any New Direct Entry Detective Trainees on here

    I wonder what your motivation is for joining the Police if you are turned down for a Detective position , are offered a uniformed position instead but are now uncertain whether uniform is an option you want to pursue. Being a Police Officer - in whatever position - is an all-encompassing life not just a job that works regular hours. Perhaps like my icon, I am a bit of a dinosaur but some time / experience in uniform could only make you a better detective.
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  6. Boots , recommendations.

    Hi. Congrats. Probably Altbergs. Peacekeeper P1 Aqua’s are great. Police Federation give discounts. [emoji3][emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hey folks, I’m seeing lots of people with coloured ends on their airwave terminal antenna’s. Some are blue, others hi-vis. Where do you get them? Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Hiya I didn't pass the Detective Trainee and was offered uniform. Did anyone on here get in and how are you finding it? I'm still debating whether or not to do uniform or wait and apply again thoughts please
  9. Thanks, Fedster, I did read and appreciate your T&Cs before posting. I'm just hoping for a bit of help as I've hit a dead end. Thank you, Techie, I'll get in touch.
  10. Thinking of leaving...Advice?

    I would strongly advise anyone in your position to leave the job sooner rather than later. Get out before you start to feel trapped by the pension, otherwise you will stay put and be unhappy for all your service. Ive got 20yrs in and I positively hate the job. The last 5 yrs have seen the introduction of so many new processes and changes that the job is beyond recognition compared to how it was when I joined in 1998, and I feel I know less now than 10yrs ago. Just as I am at the point when I should know everything I should ever need to know about how to do my job, I instead feel I have regressed and taken massive steps backwards. Looking back at my 20yrs I wish I had left much earlier in service, but the pension trapped me in and made me stay. Im getting out as soon as I've got 25yrs in, and I can't wait for that day. But don't be like me and fall into the pension trap, get out ASAP.
  11. I’d guess the police museum would be a good place to start. Twitter @museumcop and @wmphistory
  12. We are happy for this topic to continue providing you read and understand the below. LEGAL DISCLAIMER Our standard disclaimer: This forum is not intended as a legal advice drop-in centre. The forum disclaims any and all responsibility or liability for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality, reliability, operability or availability of information or material on this site, including - but not limited to - any documents available for download. Please note that comments and advice given here with the best of intentions by the host, moderators or other users of the forum may not be correct, and that any advice given, in particular advice on the law and its application, is no substitute for personal legal advice from a solicitor.
  13. Hello All I'm looking for officers who were based at/out of Bradford Street in Birmingham in/around 1980. I'm a Student Nurse, not a police officer, but both of my parents were serving officers there at that time and I'm trying to find one of them - my dad. My mum was a WPC who lived at the Bradford Street digs but was from Coventry. My dad is John Davies, a Detective with the SPG which is confusing as I thought they were Met only. He was based at/out of Bradford Street and I believe lived in Birmingham at the time as well. He played drums in a band with friends who had gigs in clubs around Birmingham. He was in his thirties at the time and would be in his 70's now so I am very aware that time may be running out to find him, if it hasn't already. I would be incredibly grateful if anyone has any information which could help me find him, give me any pointers for other places to look or, if they know him, point him in my direction with the hope that he will make contact. Thank you.
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  15. Police files / on NICHE / False allegations

    Thank you very much, that has made me feel more at ease .
  16. Police files / on NICHE / False allegations

    Niche is a recorded management system used by many forces to record a variety of records the police have to make. Reports by people will be recorded on Niche and investigation or other actions will be recorded to show what has been done and what the conclusion of those enquiries were. There is nothing you can do about false claims and accusations as it is a fact that they were made. If you wasn't questioned about those matters when you were arrested then it is very unlikely that you will be in the future. The police have to record and retain information in compliance with a set of 'rules' known as the management of police information (MoPI). Even when false accusations are proved the record of it remains as it is a fact that it was made. This protects the person falsely accused in a way as if that person makes further allegations the fact that there is a record of the false one immediately raises questions about the validity of the new one. If all traces of the false accusations were removed how would the police know what had happened before? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Police files / on NICHE / False allegations

    I have read and understood, thanks.
  18. Police files / on NICHE / False allegations

    We are happy for this topic to continue providing you read and understand the below. LEGAL DISCLAIMER Our standard disclaimer: This forum is not intended as a legal advice drop-in centre. The forum disclaims any and all responsibility or liability for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality, reliability, operability or availability of information or material on this site, including - but not limited to - any documents available for download. Please note that comments and advice given here with the best of intentions by the host, moderators or other users of the forum may not be correct, and that any advice given, in particular advice on the law and its application, is no substitute for personal legal advice from a solicitor.
  19. Hi, I have just signed up to this as i have recently been arrested (charges eventually dropped) but i have been left feeling very anxious, worried and let down due to my experience. I will keep this as brief as possible: I came out of a relationship in December 2016 and was in a very bad emotional state for the next few months and tried to re-kindle the relationship sending various texts and emails. This in hindsight was wrong of me as my ex was asking me to stop but i continued messaging her and received a warning for harassment without violence which i accepted. Throughout 2017 i was receiving email read reports from an iphone app i use that was telling me that my ex was opening up old emails (i thought this to be strange as she had reported me for sending these emails which were offering love and support) In August 2017 i sent her remaining property to her and emailed her asking if she could possibly leave my belongings outside of her place at a convenient time - there was no reply so i did not chase this up. I was still receiving email reports up until 21st December and thought it may be a cry for help (she suffers from depression and has Borderline Personality Disorder) I decided to email her in January 2018 to offer a hand in friendship but made the mistake of forwarding some of the old emails to see if i would receive a report, therefore i would know she is still using the same email address. I received a report and emailed her but did not receive a reply. A few days after i received approx. 19 email reports in the space of 8 minutes so i emailed again just to confirm that my initial email was just to offer a hand in friendship and to rest assured that if she does not reply i would not contact her again. 8 days later i was arrested for harassment. 2 Detectives searched my property whilst i was taken to the police station and later interviewed. The police also took some replica and deactivated guns from my property just to check over (even though i have the deactivation certificates and paperwork from when i volunteered a replica gun to the police to check as i was concerned it may have fallen out of the scope of what is legal) i am am a part time antiques dealer specialising in military antiques. I pleaded not guilty to harassment and received a trial date. When i received the statements and police notes i was in complete shock as my ex told many lies and there were inconsistencies between her statements and the police notes but my main concerns were of the false allegations of the most horrendous kind such as rape and sexual violence. These were mainly in the 'ON POLICE FILE' and 'ON NICHE' rather than in her actual statement and the detectives never once questioned me on anything of this nature during the interview but just on the emails i sent and admitted sending. What concerns me is that these are complete lies and it reads that 'SHE DOES NOT WANT TO MAKE A COMPLAINT AT THIS STAGE' Does that mean i will eventually get arrested for these false allegations? Also, what does 'on niche' actually mean and how can it state that she suffered rape and sexual violence when she did not. I understand that any allegations have to be recorded but surely it should state that these are simply allegations and not 'SHE SUFFERED RAPE AND SEXUAL VIOLENCE'? which if anyone read they would assume i had carried out such horrendous acts when i have done nothing but try to love and support her during the relationship. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated as i suffer from an anxiety disorder and these false allegations are very worrying for me. thanks
  20. ill health retirement advice

    Firstly I am no longer an expert and up to date with the newest regulations and how your Force deal with these matters. Some are better and more understanding than others.Your Federation are their to help and should have experts who are bang up to date. Some Federations have access to free Legal consultations ate their offices, if yours is one I would seek this. I would also advise that you follow the advice of your Federation. It could be that your Force may, eventually, offer you a medical retirement but, I would think that they would only do that if all other avenues have been visited. That would probably mean redeployment, as it must be something that you can do. Remember that you have only 16 years service and that if you do take redeployment all the time will add to any future medical pension. Unfortunately the Force have the upper hand at the moment because you have already dropped to half pay and eventually will drop to basis SSP from the benefits. I would suggest that redeployment would be better than that. If the redeployment does not work out you have not lost anything but would possibly strengthen your position for a Medical retirement. What ever you do use the Federation and all the assistance that they can offer. Sorry I cannot help any further because I am no longer an expert in this field. The Federation do have access to Legal Firms who have expertise in this field. I would advise that you search for the web site on Police Injury on duty and medicals They have a forum, which you can join, which has many experts who contribute and it would be a little more in detail than what this site may be able to offer. Take care and I hope that your conditions and help prove fruitful.
  21. Hi looking for advice Re Pension and ill health I have 16 years service and about 5 years ago was diagnosed with a chronic long term illness which is covered under the disability act. I am under a consultant and take all manner of medication to remain well which had been reasonably successful with a couple of reasonable adjustments thanks to OhU involvement. This was until September last year when things went downhill fast. I have been off sick since then and had to undergo various different medication options with limited success. I was referred back to OHU as the dept wanted me back full time in 3 weeks which is totally unachievable. As it stands I am unable to sustain anything like the hours I should do because of the status of my condition and associated issues. The force doc believes ill health retirement is inevitable due to my condition only getting worse with no chance of recovery and only limited variable benefit from medication and has written a report stating I am unfit for any duty and that any future ability is unknown. I have spoken to the FED who suggest I go for redeployment in the first instance rather than ill health retirement. My concern re this is that if I can’t sustain my current role due to in part fatigue cos of the condition and fatigue cos of the medication and also because of the pain and stiffness I suffer then this is likely to be the same in any role, I am setting myself up to fail.? Should I go for the H1 but not retirement and see if the force push for this. I don’t want to do nothing as I am already on half pay and thus zero pay is looming in the future so I need to work out how best to move forwards which works for everyone. Any advice would really be appreciated, Thanks Lisa
  22. Rude and unsympathetic police officers

    You might notice that it wasn’t a failure to take my personal view of justice seriously that upset m. My problem was that the Police officer wa not able to see the problem with threatening behaviour which was demonstrated when the officer asked ‘what’s the problem then?’.
  23. Rude and unsympathetic police officers

    Funny how these two stories are seen as the same when one poster is complaining that he wasn't believed when he was the first person spoken to while the other poster is complaining about the opposite - that the police believed the person reporting. People just complain when they don't get their own personal view of justice. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Hi Can anyone help me with this one please as I cannot find a definitive answer Is it possible to claim an IOD award if you retire normally after 30 years as I have been deemed permanently disabled by the SMP but have unfortunately been retained by the Chief. I have almost 29 years service so I will have to stick it out and suffer with the injury along with other medical conditions for another year if necessary but wanted to know if anyone knew whether once retired normally and not medically that I could claim for the IOD ? I know that I can retire now and get an immediate pension due to being deemed permanently disabled but this is obviously without The ill health enhancement and I can only take a 2.25 commutation, but I would like to know where I stand in respect of the IOD award as I don't want to lose out on this , so would like any advice please from the wealth of knowledge this forum has been to me. Thank you in anticipation
  25. Rude and unsympathetic police officers

    Hello again, thank you for replying. Unfortunately my Mother passed away last September. My mother was the best, friendliest helpful person that you could ever meet. But my (sperm donor) for a dad, An aggressive, very quick tempered Alcoholic man. Who is very controlling. My mother on the other hand, had been through a lot since she got married. "It was the biggest mistake that I have ever made". She repeated to me several times has I was a child. She pickup enough courage to get a divorce from him. she instantly became very happy. Living in her own little bungalow. She met friends for the first time, neighbours who came and sat with my mother to drink tea, have cakes and most important, a good old gossip. But then he reappeared and instantly, my mothers health declined rapidly (she had moto Neuron decease). Between him and my sister, they forced her to take him in. First on the couch in the living room. Then forced her to give away her double bed. And buy two single beds, because my mother refused outright to let him back into her bed. Then her living room was cleared of everything that my mother owned and she got a bed, two chairs, a 24" TV on the wall and a small table for her ashtray. she was band from smoking elsewhere. At first she couldn't smoke in her own living room, because they were ex-smokers, and my mother loved puffing away. Not really inhaling much, large thick clouds of smoke came out. and A cup of tea. She was aloud to smoke only in her very small kitchen. Until I asked her why she smokes here. She replied, " it's because (her daughter ) told her to. (by this time my mother had given up hope of happiness again). I got up, grabbed the ashtray and said come with me Mam, I took her into the living room, sat her in Her chair. Grabbed a small table (my mother was afraid that (daughter would shout at her for moving the table) placed it by the side of the chair, and we smoked fag's chatted, drank, until (daughter) arrived and I got up and said. " This is Mams house, she can smoke wherever she wants. I took the table, it's perfect for an ashtray". My Mother got very upset when the neighbours just stopped coming around. She really missed one lady. So I went and knocked on their door. I introduced myself and ask why they don't come around anymore and pleaded for an honest answer . They replied " Your mother has told me all about you, the answer is because HE is always there. I told my Mother, and she sobbed her heart out. My dad banned in having any contact with my Mother not even at Christmas or Birthday telephone call. I called everyone, being pasted around in circle's, I did eventually talk to my Mother's Social worker. Reported Abuse of my mother's liberty, the £60,000 abuse of my Mother's account. MY MOTHER didn't spend money, she saved it. the only money the she ever had, was the run to the post office to get child support. and she saved has much as possible, so that she could buy presents for 3 kids at Xmas. She got nothing from him. He locked HIS 200 fag's a week, in his car, so that his wife would take A cigarette out a picket of twenty. true. and I need to sleep. bye for now (maybe) MvW Take care.
  26. Rude and unsympathetic police officers

    Thanks for sharing your story and I’m really sorry for your ordeal and particularly the mistreatment of your mother. It makes it all the more tragic that she was being mistreated by family members in my opinion. I salute your courage to stand for your rights, and I’m sorry that you felt that justice wasn’t served. Unfortunately I don’t think anything I can say can be of any help to you, because I’m not sure how I would react in your position, but I would say that you shouldn’t risk a prison sentence because if you want to help your case and your mother, you’ll be better out there in the world than in a cell. But of course, get some legal advice if you can. Depending on the nature of the abuse, evidence of mistreatment is probably quite easy to obtain. You can even higher a private detective. But once again, please get some legal advice. Hopefully the other people in the forum will also show the sympathy and support you need. I hope your mother is safe and well. Is she not able to testify?
  27. Rude and unsympathetic police officers

    And they wouldn’t have called the police before me because I presented absolutely no threat to them and I wasn’t committing a crime, if someone is about to hit you, the last thing on their mind is calling the police , it’s usually the person about to get hurt that will. Someone with a guilty conscience, is not going to get the police involved.
  28. Rude and unsympathetic police officers

    Well if he’s basing it on his own impressions that he picked up from previous situations he’s dealt with that’s arguably not being neutral. I see you’re point, but asking ‘what’s the problem?’ after I explained the threatening behaviour strikes me as a bit bone-headed. no, the one who calls the police is not automatically more reliable in every case and there are devious people who try to frame others, but they shouldn’t just be suspicious of everyone based on the fact that they have seen it happen in other cases.
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