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  2. Most Forces, I know of, these days had dedicated Officers acting as Coroners Officers so an officer never sees a PM. It is good experience though as you never know what you will have to deal with. If you have a rather messy Sudden Death to attend you would not want the embarrassment of keeling over in front of the public, so it could prepare people better. I was lucky as I was a Cadet and I was taken to a rather messy death and the Officer took me with him to the PM. Both he, and the Pathologist talked me through the whole process which was invaluable.
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  4. I've been in over 26 years and certainly my Force has never done it.
  5. I genuinely thought that students attending post mortems had stopped due to some of them complaining?
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  7. If it was locally resolved then you should have been told about your right to appeal to the Chief Constable or IPCC. You don't say what your complaint was though and if it was about a policy or procedure that was followed rather than the actions of an individual officer then you have no right of appeal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. A dead body in police terms is essentially the same as any other evidence - it's a piece of a jigsaw which needs putting together. Treat it like that. In terms of smell, there's a difference between a corpse which has laid undiscovered for several days, which is as much a taste as a smell, and a recently deceased body which is being cut open. The Vicks suggestion is a good one.
  9. Thank for the reply. Someone else told me to apply some vick's that seems like a good idea. Although initially I'm not going to because I want to experience that smell so I know what to look for in future experiences as I've never seen a corpse before and I've heard there's no other smell like it. In in regards to the visual factor I think that could be something I find difficult I don't think I'll know how I'll deal with that until the day.
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  11. It is a rare opportunity indeed these days. MY first was not a great hit but it started me smoking again, after being stopped for 12 months. Visually I had no problem, as I was told, "Do not think of it as a body, but a piece of meat in a butchers shop. It is a corpse, no feelings but a dead body". I was ok with that as I got the visual impact correct in my mind. However the smell was something that I got completely wrong although, at subsequent P.M.'s it did not affect me because I then knew what to expect. If you want a tip to help with that, get a small jar of "Vick" and smear a very small amount on your nostrils it masks the smell, and that advice was given to me by a pathologist. If you watch and listen you should find it extremely interesting, if he is giving a commentary on what he is doing; showing the sights of a Cardio infarction (Heart attack), or of Cranial haemorrhage (Stroke). If he corpse is of a smoker he/she will show you the condition of the lungs. Non Smoker pink and healthy whereas a smoker will look black and resemble more of a large piece of Coke from a fire. Also prepare yourself for when they use a saw to open the skull, it can be like a dentist drill going through you. There will be many who will leave the room, or even pass out, it is nothing unusual. Hope this does not put you off too much but, hopefully it may prepare you better. Edit, Forgot to mention, the body was once a person so treat the whole process with respect.
  12. That is a rare opportunity so I hope you are able to make the most of it.
  13. Was told yesterday that next Monday I would be watching a PM and getting a talk from the pathologist. Part of our 24 week initial course currently in week 17. Any tips
  14. There is a strong rumour that you cannot spend what you gave not got. That rumour has not yet reached many Politicians, even after years of failure.
  15. Pedant alert. Every £ given to someone from the Government coffers is paid for by 30,000,000 income tax payers (23p) with the rest coming from other Treasury income. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. I always meet the same issue.
  17. Any party offering University Students no tuition fees and thus saving them at least £27,000 is going to get their vote. If someone offered me £27,000 to vote for them I might just think about it. For every £ given to someone then some else has to pay for that.
  18. This is so true and it appears to me that if a political party or an individual politician tells the truth about the potential economic situation we face in the future they are doomed to failure. All parties seem to win elections by promising the earth to the electorate in the form of low taxation or increased benefits of one sort another which involves more spending. I would like to see a cross-party group of politicians, assisted by the most reputable of economists and bankers lay out to the electorate exactly what will happen to our economy if we continue spending at the rate we have been doing for some time now. I doubt if many members of the Labour Party would be willing to participate in such a venture because all they seem to do is make promises about what they intend doing without identifying where the money will come from. It should be made abundantly plain to all that governments have no money other than that which they receive from us in the form of taxes or by borrowing. And even the borrowed money has to be paid back by the taxpayer.
  19. At least she is not promising the unaffordable like a certain Jeremy Corbyn.
  20. I am not sure about the Scottish Regs. In E & W they have the power to recall you for a reassessment medical are able to recall you. What ever you do you need to speak to the Scottish Federation they are there to help you and the see you through circumstances like this.
  21. I curious how things have turned out for both Sgt Grumpy and larryd ? I am in the same position and have just been signed off for the second time in 2 years (last time was for 7 months), I didn't want to go off work this time but Occy health advised it would be a good idea. In recent months I have seen 2 doctors with Optima who have said I will be permanently restricted due to mental health issues (work related) with no front line, public facing or shift work. I find it incredible that people can be recalled after being given an ill health retirement. If the mental health issues are work related then obviously the officer will be better when they are no there (I have managed a bit more sleep since being signed off). I am north of the border, so am not sure if that applies up here.
  22. When the Queen spoke in the state opening of parliament, one item was along the lines of 'my government will continue to improve the finances of the country while keeping taxes low' Why is Ms. May still continuing to talk about keeping taxes low. It is the income from income taxes that is used for public services, which among other things, includes what is needed for the Police Service and the N.H.S.
  23. Lord Ian Blair warns the Met will be a quarter less in size than when he left the force. Lord Ian Blair A former Metropolitan Police commissioner says it would be "an absurdity" to further cut the force's funding after recent events in London. Lord Ian Blair called for a rethink over plans to cut hundreds of millions of pounds from the force's budget, saying this would leave the Met a quarter of the size it was when he left office in 2008. London Mayor Sadiq Khan has warned the city has lost "thousands of police staff" since 2010, while the current Met Commissioner Cressida Dick said she would "obviously" be seeking extra resources. "I think the crucial point now is to understand the cuts being considered, certainly for the Met, need reconsideration," Lord Blair told BBC Radio 4's Today programme. "As far as I understand it they're supposed to lose a further £400 million by 2021, on top of £600 million in the last few years. "That means the Met must be a quarter less in size than when I left." Lord Blair, now a crossbench peer, went on to call for "no cuts", adding: "Looking at what is happening, the idea of continuously cutting the police service's budget seems an absurdity at this stage." Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackay has said the Westminster and London Bridge attacks had put a "lot of stretch" on the Metropolitan Police. The Metropolitan Police Federation has also warned that officers are fatigued and "stretched beyond belief" after a string of major incidents. Lord Blair said these incidents would put extra pressure on specialist officers such as counter terrorism, adding: "It just seems a very strange time to be reducing the capabilities of a service which is holding the line against some terrible events." The former commissioner said neighbourhood policing is crucial to building trust with communities, but is very difficult to maintain when major incidents happen and officers are needed elsewhere. Lord Blair said it was "no surprise" Monday's attack at Finsbury Park Mosque had happened. "There is this kind of new landscape of terrorism, which the new commissioner Cressida Dick described, where the weapons are knives from kitchens or just hiring a van," he said. "It does create a very difficult problem for the police." View on Police Oracle
  24. I fail to understand why HMG did not call in the Army to coordinate and assist with this incident. The military have been used in various other types of disaster such as flooding etc. and I think their involvement would have been invaluable in this instance.
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  26. Ring DVLA as it all depends on conviction, any restrictions and dates.
  27. Hi, this is my first time posting here and I was hoping someone would be able to help me. I was disqualified from driving in 2012 for totting up 12 points in 2 years. When my ban was over I didn't reapply for my driving licence. Can I just fill in the form now to reapply or do I need to retake my test because it has been so long since I last held my valid licence? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  28. We must not turn this tragedy into a Political points scoring event. It is a tragedy that should not have happened but we must wait for the evidence to come forward. Emotions are running high but are, wrongly, being fuelled by political motivators. The Emergency services have done a fantastic job and it should be remembered by all that searching the building, finding and retrieving the bodies is a huge task and cannot be unduly hurried. It will be a harrowing time and because of the event, it may be that some of the bodies are not identified, as was the case in the 9/11 in New York. The Forensic experts will do their job but it is a slow meticulous process. The families need support and sympathy, and not to be used.
  29. Recruitment drive is aimed at individuals inside and outside policing. There are 32 different roles available as part of the initiative The Metropolitan Police Service is set to recruit 100 “change professionals” to help “transform” delivery of service. It says the force is “ever evolving” and needs “talented” people to help it adapt against a “backdrop of ever changing crime patterns and a challenging budget.” As such the force is advertising 100 vacancies across 32 different roles and is looking for people from inside and outside policing. Director of people and change in the Met’s human resources department, Robin Wilkinson, says the type of work being undertaken is unrivalled. He said: “The breadth of work our new Transformation Directorate will undertake is unrivalled in any industry. The work impacts on how the Met safeguards the most vulnerable people in society, how the Met tackles and disrupts crime, through to ensuring we have the right people available to respond quickly and professionally in times of need. "We are looking for change professionals from a variety of disciplines working in Portfolio and Programme Delivery, Integrated Design and Delivery and Business Change roles. Professionals with experience in communications and engagement, risk management, operating model design and project management are just a few of those we need to ensure our team is complete. "In joining the Met you will be part of our Transformation Directorate. You will work in a professional change role which will face the challenge of delivering complex change right across the Met without risking operational delivery." Sam Upton, a blueprint and insight manager at the transformation directorate described the work the department does as ‘hugely rewarding’. He said: “I have always been a passionate problem solver and was initially attracted to the Met by the prospect of tackling some of London's most challenging issues. "That passion has taken me on a hugely varied and rewarding journey over the last 12 years to include supporting operating model design work covering virtually all the Met's local policing services in London. "I can't think of many organisations where you can take that professional journey whilst at the same time having so much fun, making so many lifelong friends and being so regularly humbled by the dedication and professionalism of others." View on Police Oracle
  30. I suspect your estimate of 5 years is not too far out. I also agree that the funding could, and probably should, come from the Foreign Aid Budget. However, no matter which party is in power that particular source of cash appears to be sacrosanct.
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