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PoliceUK has been online since May 2002 and since that time has grown to be the number one resource for police recruitment information in the UK.

Every year thousands of people apply to join any one of 55 Home Office and non-Home Office forces in the United Kingdom. Only a fraction (approximately 8%) of these applicants are successful. PoliceUK has the information to give you the best possible chance to be a part of that 8%!

This site focuses predominantly on the career path of a Constable however there are several other career options, some of which you can find information about on this site. Want to provide a visible presence on the streets? Reassure the community and tackle antisocial behaviour? The role of a Police Community Support Officer could be for you! Want to support your front line colleagues by performing vital support roles behind the scenes? How about one of the many roles performed by the Police Support Staff? PoliceUK has information on all the careers available in the UK Police Force. You can navigate around the site using the navigation menu to the left of your screen.

The PoliceUK Forum was launched on May 2003 and has become the most popular area of the site. The site has 8,000 registered members who have contributed almost 150,000 posts to nearly 11,000 topics. We have a diverse range of users in the forum, from those who are interested but are yet to apply, to experienced Constables with several years service. If you have a recruitment related question but cannot find the answer at PoliceUK then you are bound to find the answer in the PoliceUK Forum.

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Member of public attempts to gain 'unredacted copy' of review into force's professional standards department's actions.

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Prime Minister says country needs to see an ethnic minority chief constable.

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Post-mortems to establish cause of death can now be done digitally, and experts believe such techniques will become increasingly commonplace.

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There were intermittent disruptions to police communications this morning when system provider Airwave Solutions experienced difficulties.

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A Safer Neighbourhood Team PC has been recognised for his hard work in reducing anti-social behaviour.

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A members' committee is being put together to decide what officers and staff would be "willing to pay for".

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Police watchdog likely to announce new inquiry into past police investigations.

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